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ARTICLE SERVICES: Quality Blog and Article Writing Service

Article Services offers you a high quality web content and article writing service at a fair price. We can also write blog posts and provide several other services important to your search engine ranking and the way visitors react to your site. Unlike some other article writing services I do not offer writing over a selection of skill levels! All of my articles are written to a very high level that includes professional research on the topic if you require it - at no extra cost.

There are more expensive writing services online than Article Services, but higher price does not mean higher quality. My regular clients can testify to that! We are not a freelancing service, with multiple writers with a range of skill levels. I write my articles myself, or very occasionally with the help of others but edited by me before delivery.

As a quick initial guide, I will write an article of 500 words for $12, and 800 words for $15 (equates to around $0.019 or £0.012p per word). Below 500 words, I charge 2.5 cents/word. I do not recommend less than 500 words for web content or a blog post and neither does Google! This has been stated on record by Google's webspam guru, Matt Cutts .  


PLUS: If you order 10 prepaid articles, web content pages or blog posts, you will also receive a free copy of my new eBook: Content Writing and Article Marketing (opens in new window.)

ALSO FREE SEO Service:  As a free service for $100+ orders only, I will check your site coding and alter the HTML on 5 pages to ensure that each web page or blog post is as spider-friendly as possible. This will maximize your chances of a high Google ranking in the search engine results. Article Services will check your Title tag and description Meta tag, and also adjust the keyword density on your top 5 web pages or blog posts/pages to conform to Google's most recent algorithm updates.

For other orders below $100 I will check the same for your Home page. This is the most important page on your site, since your Home (URL) page and your Static Home blog page get more visitors than any other on your website or blog.  It is usually the first page they see when they visit your site. Hence the most important.

NOTE: This offer applies only to articles of stated length. Blog posts and articles over 800 words are charged at the standard prices, though 10% discount is offered for prepayment of orders.


Fill the details on the form provided and you can pay using your PayPal account or request an invoice enabling you to pay by debit or credit card.


In addition to writing articles for publication, our article services include keyword research for your article, web page or blog post and also research into the topic itself. Every article that leaves this site is checked for spelling, grammar and style.

The days are gone when you could focus on writing informative web content on your site, and then perhaps back it up with one or two articles published on Ezine Articles. Search engines are looking for more than this, particularly Google.  If you look around our website, you will find that Article Services offers useful information on the search engine ranking factors used by the major search engines. We will focus on Google, because this is used more than all the other search engines combined.

SEO Article Services

Our SEO article writing services include detailed  research into your topic and an optimized article written for the reader and not for a search engine.

Details and Pricing

Content Writing

Our content writing service is designed to provide your visitors with useful information, while also ticking off the relevant SEO markers necessary for high rankings

Details and Pricing

Blog Post Writing

We can write your blog posts in a way that keeps your readers happy, while maximizing the potential for the post to receive a high Google ranking.

Details and Pricing

Other Writing Services

Other services include resume writing, proof-reading, re-writing your own work, FAQ pages, Twitter: tweets and feeds, Squidoo lenses, press releases, etc.

Contact for Details

Click on each blue link above to view more information on a new page. You can then get back here by exiting that page - or minimize it for reference while reading other pages on Article Services.  Contact us for more details on 'Other Services.'The article services that I offer to you as a potential customer is not only designed to give you content written to a high standard, but also to adapt the style of my writing to meet your preference.

Please join my mailing list to receive tips on content writing, blogging, etc. 

Article Services Newsletter

As a special Free Gift I will give you:

  • A report on how to make the best use of social media for advertising and campaigning.
  • A report showing you how to make the best use of Google+
  • A Graphical Opt-in Template Pack:  The templates are great for anybody requiring help to make a squeeze page or opt in forms that will get results. They are very simple to set up. Use them on your website or blog for excellent conversion results.

I will not spam you with emails, and am working on a series of short mailings that will show how to maximize your website or blog SEO for Google. These will be delivered to you at 3-day intervals, so you will not be inundated with emails. Following that will be some essential content and article writing tips, followed by some expert advice on effective blogging.

Simply fill in the form below. You will then be asked to confirm your subscription, upon which a link to your free gifts will email to you. You can unsubscribe with a single click any time you want.

Article Services Three Pillars of Wisdom for SEO

Article Services believes that there are three primary aspects of modern SEO when trying to achieve a high search engine ranking. These are:

Content:  Your text should enable search engine algorithms to establish the main focus of your web page or blog post. Write naturally for your readers. Forget search engines and you should be fine, but at least use your keyword in the first 100 characters of your page, early in your title, in at least one heading and in the final paragraph. The rest of your relevance can come from semantically related terms, which will not be a problem if you write naturally.   

Technical SEO: Use of Meta tags such as title and description tags are important. Use of H1 and H2 headings, site architecture and design and loading speed are all still very important ranking factors to Google.

Authority: Another very important factor is the way your website or blog is perceived by others.How many high quality web pages link back to your web page? The more the better! This is related to the PageRank metric, although such links should only connect pages of related content. If the link does not add to your visitor's experience, then ask for it to be removed or disavow it. Authority ranking is a very important aspect of modern SEO, and it is important for your content to be published or linked throughout the social networking community. 

SEO Content Writing Tips and Website Development

I have written a new 77-page eBook on the topic of content writing and article marketing. It's chapters include:

  • Search engine ranking factors
  • Content writing
  • Article marketing
  • Google algorithms
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Writing tips
  • Website and blog development
  • 77 Pages in total for only $7.

It will be updated on a regular basis, and existing owners will receive free copies of new updates. It is well worth the $7 price tag, particularly since you will receive free copies of future revisions.

Check Out My New eBook 'Content Writing and Article Marketing'

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No need to join PayPal to pay using your debit or credit card from anywhere in the world.

Social Networking

Social networking offers a useful means of gaining authority for your page. Google +1s, Facebook shares & comments, Pinterest activity and Twitter retweets currently appear to offer the most important social signals.

Any web content, blog post or article writing service should display a good understanding of the principles above, and we always keep them in mind when writing for you.

Predominantly, my objective is not simply to write an article, deliver it, and that's it between us! It is to help you make the best possible use of the articles I write for you, such as writing them in such as way as to achieve the highest possible search engine listings - particularly on Google that takes almost 90% of the online search traffic. Does your current writing service offer that as a mission statement? 

When Article Services delivers an article, blog post or  content for your website, it is not necessarily finished once the work has been delivered and approved.  If you need advice or emergency help it will be provided free of further charge. Many of my clients worldwide have turned into good friends.    

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